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Many women in both Dallas and Collin counties struggle with economic challenges. There is a multiplicity of contributing factors that make up the foundation to their financial struggles. Some of those factors include a lack of education, domestic violence, poor  self-esteem, or a combination thereof.


W.I.S.E. Foundation (W.I.S.E.) is a non-profit 501c3 organization developed for the main purpose of educating and empowering ladies between the ages of 24 - 40 to overcome the mental, spiritual, financial, and emotional roadblocks that have restricted and limited their personal and/or professional development. We have developed several programs designed equip these ladies internally and externally so there is a measure of accountability and predictability of their success.


W.I.S.E. is a purpose-driven organization focused on transforming the lives of women from the inside out. Our organization is committed to the long-term success of the ladies involved in our programs.



Passion and Mission


The mission of W.I.S.E. Foundation is to provide a safe and productive environment for transitionally challenged women between the ages of 24-39. These are women and children who are economically challenged, with little to no education, lack self-esteem, spiritual guidance, and emotional stability, however, they possess a strong desire to achieve a life filled with success and prosperity.


We will assist our clients with developing attainable goals and educate them on how to obtain them. In addition, we will assist them with realigning their focus and outlook on life. Our programs will present them with an opportunity to acquire the skill sets necessary to become entrepreneurs or gain a rewarding career. Additionally, we will concentrate on the mental and spiritual wellness of our clients through our counseling program, to ensure sustainability.


Our clients will gain a heightened sense of pride, self-confidence, and determination to exceed the program’s expectations of longevity. They will no longer be dependent upon taxpayer dollars to survive, but rather become economic stimulants themselves.


Mission Statement


The fundamental mission of W.I.S.E. Foundation is to provide a safe and productive environment for transitionally challenged women between the ages of 24-40.



Organization Summary


W.I.S.E. Foundation, is a 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered in Aubrey, TX that helps women overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living healthy whole financially free lives. Our organization teaches women that what has happened to you in your past does not have to be repeated in your future. What others may have thought about you isn’t greater than what you think about yourself. We empower ladies through our various personalized programs to see themselves the way God sees them. We teach them to become leaders, self-sufficient, independent, and resourceful.


Participants in our W.I.S.E. mentoring program will learn how to develop a wholesome self-image. They will learn how to make educated long-term decisions, which ultimately lead to a better life. We will walk them through true authentic leadership, which empowers and equips them to lead and succeed in their own domain.


We have developed a program and curriculum specifically pertaining to each one of our Core 4 developmental areas. These four programs are essential to the growth, development, and long-term success in each participant. Our curriculum for each area of development has been thoroughly reviewed and developed with the intent to generate measurable results. All facets of a woman’s life including; physical, psychological, spiritual, and, financial are vastly important to her overcoming some of life’s biggest challenges. The curriculum for each area has been developed with the end result in mind for the participants.



Mother with her Baby

The W.I.S.E. Women Wellness Program (W3-P) is a counseling program designed to address
the root psychological issues that have played a part in the current condition of the women in our


Our counseling sessions will be both group-based and one on one. Group-based
counseling allows the participants to see they are not the only one who is dealing struggles from
the past, domestic issues, fears, phobias, and even sexual and/or physical abuse. One on one counseling offers a more private setting. Negative historical thinking patterns that have
developed over time often lead to poor decision making, which leads to bad situations in life.


Our counselor’s objective is to discover and provide solutions that will improve the participants’
perspective on life and raise their self-image.


Students Typing at Their Computers

Almost all statistics show that a good education increases a person’s ability to earn more
income. Women already are paid less than men in most cases, therefore being female and
uneducated or under-educated creates a huge challenge for women desiring to get into the
workforce. They are often left with domestic work or low paying minimum wage jobs that keep
them in poverty.

WISE Training programs will aid our clients with developing the necessary skills to realize and
achieve a rewarding career or pursue entrepreneurship. We aim to assists clients with
pursuing continued education options through partnerships with local colleges and educational
institutes. In addition, our professional development program will provide a structured,
rewarding, and full-filling learning environment for its participants..


                          Onsite Training:

                          ➢ GED Prep
                          ➢ Public Speaking
                          ➢ Basic Computer Literacy
                          ➢ Web Design 

Onsite Elective Skills Development

                          ➢ Photography
                          ➢ Videography
                          ➢ Culinary
                          ➢ Interior Design
                          ➢ Jewelry Design
                          ➢ Ceramics
                          ➢ Art
                          ➢ Gardening




Financial health is one of the most critical components of a person’s overall well-being. Poor
financial management has the tendency to bleed over into all facets of a person’s life and can
pose a multiplicity of problems. Many of the ladies in our program are in between jobs and
possibly on the brink of homelessness. Some of them may come from abusive relationships and
have never been the chief breadwinner in the relationship.

Our Financial Management Program focuses on the foundational basics that make a person
healthy financially-speaking. We will partner with The Colts Financial Planning Group and Bank
of America to help teach financial literacy classes and to help establish proper savings and
checking accounts. Some courses to be taught are as follows:

       ➢ Debt Management
        ➢ How to Establish & Maintain a Checking Account
        ➢ How to Effectively Use a Savings Account
        ➢ Investing 101
        ➢ Credit Repair

Helping Hands

Being a mentor does not mean being someone’s boss. Being a mentor is all about positive
influence. An effective mentor is one that is led by a set of universal principles and practices and
has experience in a particular domain developed from personal history. These principles
produce predictable outcomes.

Many of the women in our program may have experienced some form of negative
circumstances in their lives. Some may have experienced abuse sexually, mentally, physically,
verbally, and/or emotionally.  Our Mentoring Program is designed to build a relationship with the mentees, and walk with them as they grow spiritually, mentally, and financially.

Most people just need access to the right person who simply believes in them. People relate to
success stories of those who have overcome similar situations. Our mentors are those who
have themselves overcome surmountable odds. They see in others what someone else saw in
them and now they want to pass on that same inspiration.

We will also partner with leaders in the church and business communities, as well as sports
celebrities to grant the opportunity for women in our program to be inspired by their success
stories and their words of wisdom and personal advice.

We take the talents and skills that are a part of the women in our program and coach, mentor,
and guide them to the front door of a new and improved life. We all need wholesome balanced
relationships in our life, and the mentors from W.I.S.E. are there to help fill in some of the relational
gaps in the lives of the ladies in our program.


W.I.S.E. Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit 501c3 organization with a principal office located in  Aubrey, TX.


Mailing Address 809 Bowery Pl., Aubrey TX 76227

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